Meagan Good Great Butt

Here is great little picture of Meagan Good’s Butt.  It is great!
Meagan Good's Great Butt

Meagan is know for her stunning good looks, great acting ability, like in SAW V, and her sensational rack.  However, the immense quality of her booty gets overlooked.  I think that this is a shame.  I really want the world to accept the fact the she has junk in the trunk, and that her hips are not lying.  She has a yummy butt.

Now, I’m not dumb enough to think that her butt is anywhere as hot as Melyssa Ford’s.  Click Here to See More.

Melyssa Ford Butt at the Beach

I mean, come on!  I’m dumb but not crazy!  However, Meagan’s got the Good.  Its below her boobs and behind her box.  Enjoy.

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