Meagan Good in a bikini on the cover of King

Here is the picture of Meagan Good in a bikini on the cover of King Magazine. I think that she was their model of the year. If she wasn’t, then what are they thinking?! With her georgeous face, long legs, perfect butt, tight stomach, and awesome boobs: she deserves the recognition.

Am I wrong?

Meagan Good On King Magazine

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15 Responses to “Meagan Good in a bikini on the cover of King”

  1. not meagan good, lauren london

  2. This is not meagna good. it’s lauren london

  3. that’s not meagan good, it’s lauren london.

  4. uhh that’s not meagan good…

  5. Just for the record, you know, set some shit straight. THAT IS NOT MEAGAN GOOD ON THE COVER OF KING!!! Is there something wrong with your eyes? That’s the female that plays NU-NU in ATL with rap artist T.I. Also plays in This Christmas with r&b singer Chris Brown. Ringing any bells now? Check ya stats playa!

  6. The King magazine cover is not Meagan Good it’s Lauren London

  7. Thats not Meagan Good lol

  8. That not meagan good, sweetie.. Her name is Lauren London.. They don’t even look alike.. You smokin on some good, huh? Pas that sh!t

  9. i would love to meet u in person u are so cute and sexy to me can i at least get a call from u

  10. That’s Lauren London.

  11. that aint Meagan Good.
    That’s Lauren London.

  12. thats not meagan good thats lauren london

  13. this isnt meagan good….this is lauren london


  15. Thats not Meagan Good, thats Lauren London.

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